Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to do a Winery Tour by bike?

Winery tours are fun, but by bike they can be a long day. Here’s our plan for having a great day by bike:

  1. Book your Wine Tastings, and make your last one for 3-4pm. We recommend Peterson House!
  2. Book your bike hire and tell us the time and place of your last Tasting.
  3. Book a pickup from your last Tasting.
    Wine Country Taxis on 4990 1111 or via the SmartHail app
    Rossco’s Shuttles on 0411 839 010 or email 
  4. On the big day we’ll deliver the bikes to you at 8am and off you go!
  5. We’ll pick up the bikes from your last Tasting at 4pm – you’ll be tired and probably a bit tipsy, so the taxi ride back to your room will be very welcome!

Renting a Bike – How does it work?

Renting a bike is the same as renting a car. Search for the bike you want, either Standard, eBike or Tandem.

Choose the dates and number of people, include Damage and Theft Waiver Fees if required, tick the box for Delivery & Pickup if you want us to bring your bikes to you, then agree to the terms and conditions and then hit the ‘Book’ button. This will add the bike rental to your Shopping Cart.

Add another type of bike to your cart if you wish.

Once you’re finished, use your credit card to pay for your cart, and you’ll be emailed a confirmation. We’ll contact you by email to sort out any details.

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