Shop Ride Rental Bike

From: $25.00

Want to join the Cessnock Bicycle Company crew for a Shop Ride?

This flat rate package includes bike hire and security deposit for one of our bikes.

You’ll still be liable for damage and theft, see your Hire Schedule for details. Additional insurance to reduce your liability can be purchased here:

Damage Waiver Fee  Theft Waiver Fee


If you would like to book more bikes, add them here.

HVBR Hire Contract Conditions * 

• HVBR Hire Contract Conditions
Please read the Hire Contract Conditions in the above link before agreeing to this rental.



The bikes are available for your use on the designated ride only.

Hire includes a bike, helmet and hi-vis vest, plus guidance and support on the ride.

Additional information


500 Lumen headlight

Rack, rear

Rear rack to carry panniers