Theft Waiver Fee


Under Section 4.2 of the Rental Agreement, the Customer (you) is responsible for theft or loss of the Equipment. This includes the bike and any accessories fitted.

HVBR offers the option to pay a single fixed fee of $100 to reduce your liability for theft or loss of the Equipment to an amount called the Theft Waiver Excess. The Theft Waiver Excess is different for every bike, and is part of the information in the bike hire. It will also be explained during the handover and detailed on the Hire Schedule.

If the bike or equipment is stolen or lost, then you are liable for the cost of replacement, plus any other reasonable cost such as labour, parts or delivery. If you’ve paid the Theft Waiver Fee, your liability is capped at the Theft Waiver Excess.

For a full explanation of this liability, we recommend you read Section 7 of the Rental Agreement.





Please refer to Section 7 of the Rental Agreement for more information.